Eph, a Smart Contract surround sound platform

enabling instant publishing of the world’s highest quality, most euphoric music and paying artists without a music label.

Eph is not just a platform or a music format; it is both

Publish to Eph, the world’s highest quality music platform, giving consumers surround sound and extreme quality music without complex licensing and discs. Let our platform instantly allocate funds to contributors through Smart Contracts.

.eph is an extreme quality music container supporting over 250 discrete channels of sound.

Become an Eph Publisher


Publish & Define

Define Smart Contracts and publish tracks to Eph. Smart Contracts can be defined in code or through our simple interface.

Remember, many tracks are already available for you with working industry Smart Contracts and contributors.


Change the World

Through the Smart Contract, contributors are rewarded for their hard work.

Music licensing and playback are pain free for vendors. And listeners get a great surround sound and extreme quality musical experience.

Become an Eph Licensee


Implement Playback

Use Eph API or one-line SDK to request tracks. We encode to your desired format (like AAC or Dolby Digital) and execute the Smart Contract.

Stream are small and compatible with every player. The “ultimate API for Music” has entered the building.


…and Go Further

For hardware integrations, use our SDK to request tracks as unencoded .eph containers which you can encode yourself to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D and more.

Your client-side code will take care of executing the Smart Contract on a user’s device.

Works great... sounds better

.eph is a container format, meaning it contains streams in codecs like AAC which are already well known for their performance and quality. We do extensive research into encoding these packaged lossless streams, preserving the fidelity but creating a punchy bass and “mastered magic” sound.

We generate .eph containers on Google Cloud Platform and AWS with protected machine level code.

Changing the world for every artist

Artists, writers and producers get paid directly through the Smart Contract embedded in each .eph container. The contract can even describe the distribution of loyalties in different licensing scenarios (from background listening to public broadcast) and instantly allocate funds to contributors.

A new type of record deal

Only Smart Contracts can solve the problems of the modern music scene. Record deals are defined by long paper contracts that painfully describe who gets paid for what — without enforcement.

Imagine if you could define these complex relationships as a computer program that is always executed during playback? Hello, .eph.

A new type of record deal

Record deals are complex deals defined by agreements and legal clauses that dictate who gets paid for what. These agreements are long and expensive to produce because they’re a reflection of a song’s production — many producers, studios and writers contribute to the finished piece.

Imagine if you could define these relationships and who gets paid as a series of self-executing logical statements — a computer program. Our Smart Contract technology is ”Turing complete”, meaning it can theoretically calculate anything. In fact the execution of most Smart Contracts is more complex than the moon landing’s software.

This means that only Smart Contracts can deal with the complexities of the modern music scene. For example, not all plays are created equal. Plays in restaurants or public places should have a vastly different payback model than their consumer counterparts. Our Smart Contracts can fulfil these complex scenarios without lawyers or data collection.

Questions and Answers

What are Smart Contracts?

According to Investopedia, Smart Contracts are “self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code... They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.”

Are Smart Contracts a form of DRM?

Smart Contracts are a part of a DRM strategy but provide many more benefits. Whilst DRM typically restricts and forbids, Smart Contracts empower and enable.

Traditional DRM is frustrating for consumers and provides little benefit for artists; in fact it typically leads to greater piracy because it’s both frustrating and easy to crack.

Our Smart Contract technology prevents piracy and enables artists to be paid directly without the overhead and expense of music labels’ legal teams and 20th century recording contracts.

How long does publishing take?

Publishing surround sound music is currently more than just expensive: it’s slow. For today’s consumers, waiting for Blu-ray and DVD releases is simply unacceptable. With Eph, you can expect surround sound and extreme quality music to be in consumers’ hands in days rather than weeks.

What is the benefit of Eph over Dolby Digital?

Our container concept is engineered to support multiple multi-channel streams in a single encode pass, meaning no separate exports or mastering in stereo, Dolby Digital and DTS formats. This means that you don’t have to license encoding technology from Dolby Digital or DTS; the sound is converted to whatever format the consumer equipment supports at the time it is played, using the Dolby Digital license acquired by the manufacturer.

We believe that our work is powerful enough to eliminate Dolby Digital’s aging “Blu-ray and DVD era” technology completely as manufacturers support Eph at hardware level.

Finally, piracy is a thing of the past as the Smart Contract must be executed to play one of the container streams.

What is the publishing process like?

Publishing mainstream music is simple — we just need to receive your music at the mastering stage. Whilst we can accept lossy “bounced” formats like MP3, this offers no quality advantage to the consumer — the music “data” has already been lost through poor compression. In the cloud we can take care of heavy lifting including publishing lower quality tracks to Spotify. It’s truly effortless.

Master and publish superior surround sound music

Our Eph format is just the start. For our long term vision to become reality, we need to attack the complex licensing and royalty mess within the music industry right at its source — studios.

We’re working with studios in London and the south of England to enable direct publishing from the mastering seat. This ability will greatly reduce the cost and burden of publishing music in surround sound or incredible stereo quality: no Dolby Digital licensing fees, no manufacturing costs and no distributor cuts.

Our publishing method is inexpensive and simple. We’re building it right into mastering software like Logic Pro. And if your mastering setup isn’t supported, we’ll build an integration for free.