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Stream Music in surround sound

for the first time ever.

We are Euphoric Adventures

and this is ‘Euphoria’, an app and Sonos integration to stream surround sound and extreme quality music.

We make music sound incredible on your phone

so the surround sound experience doesn’t stop when you’re on the road or in the office.

On your phone, our compression experts have made Euphoria stream at half the bitrate of Spotify but sound a magnitude better. Say goodbye to weak, digital and dirty sounding music and say hello to crisp and lively Euphoria.

Build a Sonos home theatre

filling the room with native “discrete speaker” surround sound.

Sonos itself does not support surround sound music. The Sonos PLAYBAR has an optical connector to create a 5.1 setup with two Sonos PLAY:1 speakers and a Sonos SUB, but you need a DVD/Blu-ray player to connect up. All streaming services on Sonos like Spotify and Apple Music (even Tidal) are stereo, giving at best a grainy echo at the back of the room. Sonos struggles and ultimately fails to upgrade these stereo signals to surround sound.

We didn’t want the PLAYBAR to be a heavy paperweight for surround sound music, so we found a way to output each surround sound channel through each Sonos speaker and built it into Eph’s desktop aps for Mac OS X. This has been an incredible R&D effort involving a lot of LucasFilm/THX professional test files and some seriously late nights.

…all through the beautiful Euhoria App

Euphoria is built with the latest web technologies so it runs everywhere — there’s nothing to install. Just open Safari on iPhone or any modern browser. Euphoria goes even further by scrapping albums and playlists, creating a new ‘Experiences’ paradigm for people who listen when they listen to music.

Cross-platform Euphoria

Questions and Answers

Can anyone tell the difference?

The difference between Euphoria and Spotify is clear in every environment you can play both, including through Sonos, on iPhone and on Android. One of our first users said “why can’t my music sound like this?”. After listening to Euphoria on iPhone (stereo stream only!) we found Spotify comparable to playing a tape cassette.

The difference between stereo and surround sound in a surround sound setup is even clearer.

Euphoria seems really simple. Why?

Many people are surprised that there’s no surround sound streaming service out there yet. It’s because stereo and surround sound are not easily comparable at either hardware or software level, meaning streaming surround sound presents a deep technical challenge (which we’ve overcome). Euphoria has taken years of experience to get right.

Is Euphoria easy to use?

Yes! We have absorbed the complexity of streaming surround sound.

Euphoria is free for unlimited surround sound and extreme quality stereo streaming.

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