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Euphoric Adventures is leading research and development in Smart Contract technology for streaming the world's highest quality music, untangling the music industry and reducing the complexity of publishing surround sound.

We're building Eph, the world's highest quality music platform, giving consumers surround sound without discs by replacing 'old world' complex licensing with Smart Contract computer programs that dynamically calculate music loyalties.


Euphoric Adventures is a company founded by software engineer and musician James Garner who had a deep disappointment in today's streaming and loyalty technology.

Following his Computer Science degree and impact in R&D for PlayStation, he envisaged Euphoric Adventures at 23 and resigned from his engineering job at 24 to grow the company to where it is today.

Eph (Smart Contract Music Platform)

Eph is both a Smart Contract container format and an API/SDK which allows licensees to search a growing music library and stream tracks to consumers, safe in the knowledge that royalties have been paid automatically - and paid fairly.

Whether through track files in Eph's container format or through the API/SDK that generates streams in popular formats like MP3, Eph instantly allocates funds to contributors through Smart Contracts, even if files were passed from person to person.

An Eph container contains streams in codecs like Dolby Digital and AAC which are well known for both performance and quality, alongside a Smart Contract. Even the stereo AAC stream alone blows away listeners against Spotify and YouTube. Our API performs content negotiation to generate a stream on the fly that the end user's equipment can understand, supporting consumer hardware that’s licensed to play Dolby Digital or DTS, whilst executing the Smart Contract in the cloud.

This positions us the leaders in revolutionising the delivery of the world's highest quality music.

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