We define the intersection of Smart Contracts and the world’s most euphoric entertainment.

/eph: We took the entertainment business and put it in an API.

Entertainment is experiencing a resurgence. We are on the edge of a licensing revolution.

But it’s not enough. Smart contracts rethink just one part of the value chain. They are not connected to the content they license. Alone, the blockchain will have minimal impact.

So we imagined an API that combines a Smart Contract, 4K video and formats like Dolby Digital and DTS. We’re calling it /eph.

Each /eph request executes a Smart Contract, paying contributors fairly and releasing a unique key. This key decrypts the best format the consumer can play, which /eph returns in milliseconds.

Platforms that build with /eph give consumers the highest quality audio and video formats in the world, including 4K video and up to 128 channels of sound. Quite simply, /eph integrations sound and look incredible.

But why stop there? We have a roadmap that takes /eph even further, becoming an API that finds its own customers and negotiates licensing by editing Smart Contracts in real time.

Entertainment deserves an API that encapsulates all of its moving parts — all the way from mastering and distribution to a state-of-the-art consumer experience. This is it.

/eph is not just an API; it’s the entertainment business itself.

/eph container format contains a Smart Contract and streams in Dolby Digital and DTS

Publishing to /eph.

Publishing to /eph is easy.

  1. Write a Smart Contract that pays contributors. Our Smart Contracts are trivial JavaScript programs. You don’t need to know how to code.
  2. Upload your content. You can even upload multitracks or stems which we’ll master to Dolby Digital and DTS in minutes using advanced AI.

Publishing to /eph is the quickest and cheapest way to master and distribute entertainment that guarantees revenue and plays everywhere.

For consumers, /eph has been engineered to make the experience completely transparent. We define our success by consumers enjoying better entertainment without compromising on convenience and time.

For publishers, piracy becomes a thing of the past because executing the Smart Contract is necessary to play every stream.

The API for surround sound.

Music changes lives. It empowers people to connect and move the ones they love.

And thanks to Tidal, stereo music has never sounded so good.

But mastering and distributing surround sound remains incredibly expensive. When this cost is passed on to consumers, it becomes an experience for the priveleged few.

At Euphoric Adventures, we are defining what it means to master, license and distribute the world’s most euphoric music. We want this music to be accessible to everyone.

It starts with reducing the licensing and mastering barrier to entry. It starts with /eph’s Smart Contracts.

It all starts with Euphoric Adventures.